Member Categories & Dues

The PTNPA welcomes organizations of all sizes, from small, family-owned businesses, to large global corporations, into its membership. Membership in PTNPA is categorized first by Active or Associate membership, and then by size of organization.


Active Members are companies whose primary business is to process food products AND that business includes: shelling, grading, blanching, sorting, dicing, coating, roasting or packaging of tree nuts or peanuts to be sold in the consumer, food service or industrial distribution channels: (ii) using tree nuts or peanuts as inclusion in other foods products such as confectionary, bakery and ice-cream products. Currently, the PTNPA has active members who are large global companies as well as smaller family-owned businesses.


Annual Membership Dues for Active Members:
 - $3,000 for companies with annual total sales of less than $10 million
 - $5,000 for companies with annual total sales of more than $10 million



Associate Members are companies that provide supplies (equipment, packaging, etc.) or services (brokerage, consulting, warehousing, etc.) to the tree nut and/or peanut industries. Our Associate Members are terrific resources for our Active Members and for the industry. 


Annual Membership Dues for Associate Members:
 - $2,000 for all Associate Members, regardless of annual sales



Industry Affiliate Members are trade associations or similar entities (i.e. Commissions or Boards) that represent the interests of companies that shell, grade, blanch, sort, contract-pack, market and sell, dice, roast or package nuts or related products. As valued partners in the industry, this class of Membership is automatically offered co-branding opportunities.

Annual Membership Dues/Investments for Industry Affiliate Members:

$2,000 for all Industry Affiliate Members

This new category was designed with the idea of giving Industry Affiliate Members greater exposure and opportunities to “co-brand” and collaborate with the PTNPA in a more formal/organized manner, likely in one or more of the following ways:

- Co-branding logo inclusion on Industry Fact Sheets created by PTNPA
- Logo placement on mutually agreed upon portion of (Member Category or Collaborate page)
- Opportunity for Preferred Pricing Sponsorship at PTNPA Convention, Technical Forum or Networking Event(s)
- Product samples/promotional materials at PTNPA events as approved by the PTNPA Marketing Committee
- Co-hosting of industry related events/programs and/or reports



Honorary membership in the PTNPA is reserved for our most special Members. On rare occasions, the PTNPA Board of Directors names individuals who, upon retirement, are recognized for their extraordinary contributions to the PTNPA and to the industry. At this time, PTNPA Honorary Members include Mr. Calvin "Kelly" Suess and Mr. Bill Wright. 











The PTNPA is "The Voice of America's Nut Industry"