Prospective Member Application

Thank you for your interest in the PTNPA. The following application is for the COMPANY membership. If you are an INDIVIDUAL working for a company that already has an existing membership and are looking to create a user profile for yourself, please email with your full name, email address and Company Name.

Please complete all questions on the following application. Once submitted, this information will be sent to our membership committee, and once approved you will be contacted by the PTNPA with additional steps on paying your membership dues invoice. Please allow up to 10 business days for approval. (During certain times of the year, the process will be expedited to allow for attendance at PTNPA hosted events.  

Note:  This form is for first time members only. If you have had an account in the past please do not complete this form and instead contact or call 301-365-2521.


Active Members
PTNPA Active Members are companies whose primary business is to process food products AND that business includes: shelling, grading, blanching, sorting, dicing, coating, roasting, packaging or co-packing of tree nuts or peanuts on their own or as inclusion in other food products such as confectionery, bakery and ice cream products, to be sold in the consumer, food service or industrial distribution channels.

Associate Members
PTNPA Associate Members are companies that provide supplies (such as equipment, packaging) or services (such as brokerage, consulting, financial, warehousing, marketing, importing/exporting, trading and selling) on behalf of or directly to the tree nut and/or peanut industries.

Industry Affiliate Members
PTNPA Industry Affiliate Members are trade associations or similar entities (i.e. Commissions or Boards) that represent the interests of the nut industry.

The PTNPA is "The Voice of America's Nut Industry"