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Pushing Nut Varieties Further into the Mainstream

Monday, August 6, 2018  
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Consumer demand for products featuring ingredients perceived as natural and healthy is spurring interest in a wide variety of nuts. Nut marketing boards and ingredient manufacturers are taking notice as they amp up marketing campaigns aimed at increasing consumption and getting their ingredients added to a wider variety of food and beverage applications.

This past April the pecan industry launched a national consumer marketing campaign aimed at shifting consumer perception of pecans from a seasonal baking ingredient to the “original ‘supernut’.”

“The American pecan industry has a rich history dating back centuries and a powerful story that is largely untold — our goal is to change that,” said Mike Adams, a Texas pecan grower and chairperson of the American Pecan Council (A.P.C.), Fort Worth, Texas. “Other nuts, to their credit, have benefited from large consumer campaigns for decades. Now, we want to shine a light on our industry that has come together to share the story of the American pecan.”


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