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Frank Yiannas: From Disney to Walmart to FDA

Wednesday, April 3, 2019  
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Quality Assurance and Food Safety - FDA commissioners often come up through the ranks of government, at one agency or another, with many in the food industry knowing little more about them than that. But FDA’s newest deputy commissioner is not only well known in the industry’s private sector, he is from the private sector.

Having begun his food safety career at Disney in 2008, Frank Yiannas went on to become the vice president of food safety for what is, according to Forbes, the largest retailer in the world: Walmart. In November 2018, he was named FDA’s deputy commissioner for food policy and response.

“I’ve always said I went from the happiest place on earth to one of the busiest places,” Yiannas said. “Now I am at one of the most prestigious regulatory agencies on earth.” Yiannas took up the position with the retirement of deputy commissioner for food and veterinary medicine Dr. Stephen Ostroff — who was instrumental in recruiting him to FDA.


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