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FDA Committee Endorses Peanut Allergy OIT Product – So What Happens Next?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019  
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Hope for a commercially available peanut allergy therapy got a boost Sept. 13 when an FDA advisory committee said it believes safety and efficacy data support the use of Palforzia. The National Peanut Board was an early funder of the oral immunotherapy (OIT) studies, led by Dr. Wesley Burks at both the University of Arkansas and Duke University, that paved the way to today’s treatment.   

Known until now as AR101, Palforzia has been shown to help some children and teens increase tolerance – reducing the likelihood of a serious reaction from accidental exposure to peanuts. It uses increasing doses of peanut flour to help a body deal with the ingestion of peanut protein without a serious systemic reaction.   


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