Strategic Committees

In addition to the PTNPA Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Staff Team, Strategic Committees play a significant role in informing PTNPA business priorities, events and activities. Each Strategic Committee is led by a member of our Board of Directors. Any representative from a PTNPA Member company (active or associate) in good standing is encouraged to serve on a committee.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact


The Advocacy Committee tracks important regulatory issues of concern to the nut industry. They work to ensure that the PTNPA is in regular contact with Key Agencies and Congressional Representatives who influence the business landscape for PTNPA Member companies, and mobilize PTNPA Members to act when needed. This Committee also informs, plans and encourages member participation in the Annual PTNPA Congressional Listen and Learn event in Washington DC, as well as regular meetings with Key Regulatory Agencies.

Chair: Joe Graziano, Jr., Co-Chair: Karl Zimmer
Committee Members: Jeff Abels, Karim Azzaoui, Larry George, John Larsen, Craig Leva, Steve O’Mara, Joel Perkins, Joseph Setton, Elaine Trevino, Steve Zaffarano, Dan Zedan


The purpose of the Technical Committee is to track, discuss and consolidate scientific and technical trends and information of interest to the entire Nut Industry and to serve as providers of educational information for PTNPA Members.

Chair: Bob Sauer, Co-Chair: Hiroki Hiura
Committee Members: Jeff Abels, Tim Birmingham, Julee Brooke, Michael Campagna, James Chu, Erin Clem, Darlene Cowart, Wesley Dick, Kristin Ferrigni, Linda Gavin, Cameon Ivarsson, Tom Jones, Angelo Losurdo, Chelsey Louis, Yvonne Masters, Eric Paskerian, Angel Rodriquez, Lanny Smith, Kim Storey, Elaine Trevino, Mark Washburn, William Womack


This committee is charged with promoting and preserving the integrity of the PTNPA name, brand, mission and vision through communications and public relations activities designed to provide industry related facts and information of value to Members, influencers and those involved in the overall success of the nut industry.

Chair: Joel Perkins
Committee Members: Tony Bagato, David Birdsong, Taylor Clute, Chris Collins, Mia Cohen, Justin Hintlian, Patricia Jackson, Troy Johnson, Cody Pike


The Membership and Industry Committee keeps a close watch on industry trends and dynamics, while understanding and delivering consistent value to PTNPA members based on their interests and needs. This Committee creates and implement plans for leadership/member collaboration, educational and networking opportunities, and ultimately providing the greatest value possible to PTNPA Members and industry partners.

Chair: George Argires
Committee Members: Angela Bauer, Brian Ezell, Craig Leva, Joel Perkins


Chair: Joel Perkins (Past-Chairman of the Board)
Committee Members: Mia Cohen, John Larsen, Mike Valentine


Involved in planning all aspects of the Annual PTNPA Convention, this Committee sets the Convention program/agenda, researches/identifies speakers and timely topics of interest to PTNPA member, and ensures Members participation/ support and satisfaction with this long-standing event.

Chair: Mia Cohen
Committee Members: Karim Azzaoui, Brian Ezell, Justin Hintlian, Collins McNeill, Mark Nagerian, Eric Paskerian, Joel Perkins, Mike Rush, Debbie Rogoff, Bob Sauer

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