Board Members

The PTNPA Board of Directors is comprised of individuals from Active Member organizations who are nominated and elected by the general membership of the PTNPA.

Industry leaders and committed Members currently serving on the Board of Directors and working on behalf of all PTNPA members are:


Chair: | Mia Cohen | Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella,Inc., Terra Bella, CA

Vice ChairJohn Larsen | Marathon Ventures, Bellevue, NE

Secretary/Treasurer | Michael Valentine | John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc., Elgin, IL


George Argires | Anton Argires, Inc., Chicago, IL

Karim Azzaoui | Balsu USA Inc., Miami Beach, FL 

Angela Y. Bauer | Tropical Nut & Fruit, Charlotte, NC

David Birdsong | Birdsong Peanuts, Suffolk, VA

Brian Ezell | Wonderful Pistachio and Almond, Lost Hills, CA

Joseph Graziano, Jr. | Pathway Valley Snacks, LLC dba Terri Lynn , Elgin, IL

Justin Hintlian | Superior Nut Co., Cambridge, MA 

Craig Leva | Arway Confectioners, Chicago, IL

Mark Najarian | Kar's Nuts, Troy, MI

Joel Perkins | Horizon Nut, Tulare, CA

Debbie Rogoff | Blue Diamond Growers, Sacramento, CA

Bob Sauer | Kraft Heinz, East Hanover, NJ

Kaye Smith | Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts, Alpharetta, GA

Steve Zaffarano | Diamond Foods Inc., Stockton, CA

Karl Zimmer | Premium Peanut, Douglas, GA


The PTNPA Advisory Board is comprised of individuals from PTNPA Associate Member organizations and are volunteers who serve as advisors on specific categories of business within the peanut and tree nut industry.

The committed individuals who serve on our Advisory Board are:


Chairman | Steve O’Mara | J. F. Braun & Sons, Inc., Elizabeth, NJ

Vice Chairman | Guy Long | Freeman Long, Atlanta, GA

Food Safety Labs | Jeff Abels | Foreign Trade Service, Newark, NJ

Equipment Manufacturers | Marcus Carter | LMC Manufacturing, Donalsonville, GA

Brokers  | Collins McNeill | M.C McNeill and Company, Suffolk, VA

Industry Affiliate  Shelly Nutt | Texas Peanut Producers Board, Lubbock, TX

Engineering  | Eric Paskerian | WEP Engineering and Consulting, Reading, MA

Brokers | Mike Rush | YSA Ingredients, Capistrano Beach, CA

Packaging | Barry Sak | Pretium Packaging, Highland Park, IL

Financial Services | Will Tully | Brown Brothers Harriman, New York, NY


These Board Members work tirelessly to forward the interests of the PTNPA, each serve on a Strategic Committee and are held to set PTNPA Board Member Expectations and Guidelines.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or on the Advisory Board, please contact









The PTNPA is "The Voice of America's Nut Industry"