Frequently Asked Questions About the PTNPA


Q| What does the PTNPA actually do?
A| Serving as “The Voice of America’s Nut Industry” the PTNPA convenes industry leaders, experts and resources in a network that has PTNPA Member's interests and needs top of mind. Our strong relationships with Members and with others who have a stake in the industry allows us to provide timely information to our members, to have their views and voices represented among policy makers and others who are key to the success of the industry.

Q| What does the PTNPA offer companies and people in the nut industry?
A| The PTNPA offers the strength in numbers needed and designed to move the nut industry forward. The PTNPA serves as a powerful and highly professional network created by the combined experience, expertise, commitment and relationships represented by the sum of all PTNPA Members. The PTNPA is the only organization that represents the entire nut category in the United States.

Q| How long has the PTNPA been in existence?
A| Originally established in 1939, the PTNPA has shifted from being solely focused on peanuts/peanut butter – and now represents companies large and small, all nut types and suppliers who support – and drive - the vitality, growth and success of the nut industry.

Q| What is PTNPA best known for?
A| The PTNPA, led by an outstanding and knowledgeable Board of Directors and Advisory Board, is known to be an organization of collaborative industry leaders – and even competitors within the industry – who have put the interests and success of the industry ahead of their own individual business agendas. PTNPA Members have much in common and fully recognize that “we are all in this together” – including managing the challenges and leveraging the opportunities that are present in the industry now and in the future. This philosophy has created a unique, high functioning and tight knit culture – with a very loyal membership base with dedicated governing representatives and highly engaged Member representatives.

Q| How can nut industry companies get involved or become a Member?
A| The PTNPA welcomes companies whose primary business is focused on food processing and includes nuts – and suppliers to the industry to become involved in the PTNPA. We pride ourselves on having member companies of all sizes, with significant geographic and commodity diversity – and representing all aspects of the nut industry. Once a Member, PTNPA welcomes all to attend our well-known networking and educational events, to serve on a strategic Committee or to simply enjoy the benefits of being a PTNPA member including regular industry updates and communication. 

Q| Does the PTNPA allow non-Members to participate in activities and events?
A| The PTNPA is a membership organization comprised to dedicated, loyal and involved Members. Companies interested in becoming a PTNPA Member are encouraged to attend the Networking Events hosted by PTNPA throughout the year – and to reach out to the PTNPA Board of Directors to discuss first-hand the merits and benefits of being a PTNPA Member.

Q| Does the PTNPA represent the nut industry in Washington, DC and on Capitol Hill?
A| The PTNPA is based in the Washington, DC area in order to be in close proximity to regulatory agencies, other food industry groups and leaders – and in order to easily host PTNPA Members who wish to have a presence with their Congressional Representatives on Capitol Hill. The PTNPA does not have government relations staff members or a PAC. Instead, as The Voice of America’s Nut industry, the PTNPA takes a steady relationship based approach to advocacy and outreach – which includes regular participation in Food Industry Alliances and Coalitions and frequent meetings with important government agencies including the FDA. The PTNPA also hosts Members in Washington, DC each May to learn about the political and regulatory landscape and to give Member company representatives the opportunity to meet with their Senators and Congressional Representatives on Capitol Hill. The PTNPA also relies our expert Counsel from Hogan Lovells, and international law firm who serves the PTNPA and our Members by providing regular updates, Memos and reports on matters of importance to the nut industry and business.

Q| What is the main reason companies/people join the PTNPA?
A| With a diverse Membership and industry PTNPA Members are part of the PTNPA for varying reasons. However, Members tell us that they value the following: The strong network of leaders in the nut industry, all in one organization and opportunity to connect with PTNPA Members throughout the year; receiving information/reports/guidance on matters and topics of vital importance to the industry and business success; online access to Directory of all PTNPA Members who are customers, resources and solution providers; the ability to receive access to important industry news via the PNTPA Newsletter and on

Q| Does the PTNPA work with other nut industry groups/organizations?
A| Yes! The PTNPA is proud to be part of several coalitions and alliances that focus on both long-standing and emerging issues of interest and/or concern to the industry and PTNPA Members. The food industry is complex and is comprised of many knowledgeable and collaborative Associations where PTNPA takes part in meetings, discussions and initiatives related to regulatory matters, consumer trends/research – and more. The PTNPA has created Industry Fact Sheets, which source some of our industry partners – and PTNPA leadership is proactively involved in the following groups: Food and Beverage Industry Alliance (FBIA), Coalition for Sugar Reform (CSR), Whole Genome Sequencing Alliance, GMA FSMA Task Force, among others. In addition, the PTNPA hosts a Twitter channel @NutIndustry – which often features the work of our industry partners. Should you have an idea or connection where PTNPA can play a role in serving our Members please contact PTNPA.

Q| Were can I learn more about the nut industry?
A| Click HERE to view some additional great resources to learn more about the PTNPA and nut industry. 


The PTNPA is "The Voice of America's Nut Industry"