National Nut Day 2020

Thank you for joining us in our celebration of National Nut Day on October 22! While everything is different this year, it was a welcomed opportunity to promote and celebrate the nut industry like never before! Thank you for helping us spread the word – from consumers, to government representatives, to elected officials – on how valuable the nut industry is for our economy and for our health. 

National Nut Day Included:

  Social Media Campaign: Members followed us, liked us, shared, and retweeted our posts as we featured each commodity and all of the values of the nut industry, including health and wellness, economic impact, community support and more! Twitter: @NutIndustry / Facebook: @PTNPA / LinkedIn: @Peanut and Tree Nut Processors Association
  Traditional Media Outreach:  Our national press release was distributed via PRNewswire on Tuesday, October 20. We saw placement of our news in national and international media outlets including Yahoo! Finance, Markets/Business Insider and NuFFoodsSpectrum. The press release honors the history and impact of our valuable industry, and highlights our generous, community-minded members.  We're celebrating our nearly decade-long commitment to collectively preventing hunger by encouraging people in communities across the country to join us in this effort. PTNPA Members across the country also shared their own stories of commitment and generosity within their own communities.
   Connections with Elected Representatives: Since we weren’t able to call on representatives on Capitol Hill earlier this year, National Nut Day was a great opportunity to drop by their home-district offices and remind them of the critical value of the nut industry and your business.
   Mid-Day e-Presentation by Government Affairs Expert Tami Buckner: DC insider, Tami Buckner, shared the latest happenings in Washington and provided great advice to members on what the nut industry should be paying attention to.
   Evening Outdoor/Indoor Reception: We held a small gathering to thank members, industry colleagues and partners for their collaboration during this past year. VIEW PHOTOS
   Challenge: And of course, no PTNPA endeavor would be complete without a little friendly competition! Bragging rights to the member company who shows the most activity surrounding National Nut Day… social media posts and shares, drops to representatives, a placement in local media. Tell us about your success and we’ll brag about you!

Visit the TOOLKIT to download user-friendly resources like press release templates, info-graphics for easy customization and sharing on social media, letters, brochures, information to share, and more.

And in case you need a boost, watch this inspiring video to reignite your enthusiasm for PTNPA, the nut industry, and our wonderful members:

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